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My roots

Born & raised in Arlington Texas, Danielle realized she had a niche for the arts when she was in high school and took her first art class. But that was just the tip of the iceberg. When she was a Junior, she was allowed to choose Ceramics as an elective. She quickly fell in love with creating pottery and the freedom she felt while doing it. “I could put on my headphones, listen to soulful music, and create pieces of me through my pottery”.

Fast forward a few years, a few universities, and a few majors, she realized college wasn’t the path for her. She dropped out of college and moved to China with her then boyfriend to explore a new culture and gain new experiences. While traveling the world, she gained a new passion of photography. She learned everything she could from blogs, to vlogs, and even hands on training with her wedding photographer. She soon got married overseas & witnessed a lot of hands on experience of how an on location photographer does things. In 2010 while still living abroad, she soon bought her first DSLR and was hooked!

She now loves refining her craft as a portrait photographer & is still studying under her mentor Sue Bryce through the suebryceeducation network.

“Portraiture allows me to capture a side of people they usually don’t see in themselves. That is what makes it special. You look into a person’s eyes, and can feel their soul. That is why I do what I do. I am person with strong emotions, and I want to be able to freeze time for people so when they look back at an image, it not only triggers a simple memory. But it triggers a flood of memories, emotions & experiences they had during that time of their life. Or on the flip side, capture a person for others. For children to see their Mother as a Woman, not just a mom. For grandchildren to see their Grandmothers as strong, powerful, beautiful women. And most important for us women to see ourselves the way our loved ones see us. Stunningly beautiful inside & out.” —Danielle Jenkins